Villain - Former Member of the Scales Gang


Gender – Male
Eyes – Green
Hair – None
Weight – 200 lbs.
Height – 5’ 9"


Real Name – Pacey Greene
Affiliations The Scales Gang
Alignment – Villain
Status – Deceased
Start – 1945
End – 1962
History -
He appeared in the mid 40’s using his new abilities to help expand the power of the former Alphonse mafia, now the Scales Gang. He was regularly stopped by Rune Guard or War Wolf. They all met their end in 1962 when they attempted to steal an experimental submarine. Not knowing that it was nuclear powered, they caused the reactor to become unstable when they boarded it. Golden Shell and Blaze managed to get the vessel to open waters before it exploded and took the Scales Gang, who did not believe the heroes when they warn them, with it.

He is a hybrid with a Pterodactyl and so can fly, has enhanced strength, senses and toughened skin.


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