Villian - Member of the Enlightened


Gender – Robot
Eyes – None
Hair – None
Weight – 170 lbs.
Height – 5’ 9”


Real Name – M.A.S.S.
Affiliations The Enlightened
Alignment – Neutral
Status – Active
Start – 2000
End – Present
History -
Its appeared in the early 2000’s when it attack Ascension Enterprises Development Facilities. It has since been the cause of a number of other data and or technological thefts. It became more physically threatening when the EarthGuard discovered it belonged to the Enlightened.
Powers -
As a swarm of Nanomachines its ‘body’ can vary its density to have the consistency of sand or a block of steel, it has super strength, can changed its shape and is impervious to physical damage. It can also interface with machines and control them.


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