The Atrocity

Villain - Former Member of the Enlightened


Gender – Male
Eyes – Yellow
Hair – None
Weight – 250 lbs.
Height – 6’ 6”


Real Name – Unknown
Affiliations The Enlightened
Alignment – Villain
Status – Missing
Start – 1910
End – 1982
History – There were legends of a monster in the mountains of Europe that started in the 1910’s. These stories grew in number during the first world war from soldiers who saw it tear though whole units, draining the life from them. It was during WW2 that the stories were confirmed when Nazi’s captured it and set it on allied soldiers. He later freed himself and was
see working with those who later became the Enlightened. Sighting of him stopped during the early 1980’s and have not recurred.
He has super strength, endurance, can generate electrical shocks and can seeming drain a person’s life with a touch.

The Atrocity

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