The Smith

Villain - Unaffliated


Gender – Male
Eyes – Brown
Hair – Grey
Weight – 190 lbs.
Height – 5’ 10”


Real Name – Renard Michaels
Affiliations – Unaffiliated
Alignment – Villain/Neutral
Status – Active
Start – 2006
End – Present
History -
He first appeared in the mid 2000’s as a then unknown high end weapons dealer, selling advanced experimental technology to criminal organizations, corporations and Governments. His identity came to light when he was spotted stealing an untested energy source and used the same weapons, with improvements, that he sold to others. Since then he has used his notoriety to advertise his merchandise to any interested party.
Powers -
Genius with Mechanics, electronics, explosives and chemicals. He has a wide array of advanced weapons and robotics.

The Smith

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