Founded in 1989 by Rune Guard, Blue Wolf I, Golden Shell, High Guard, Nyte, Shadow, Shift, Sky Guardian, Titan and Vortex. They were aided in this by organisations and other prominent figure who believed in these heroes and that they owed them.
This started shortly after the Artoz Collective tried to invade earth and it took the combine effort of most of the world’s heroes to stop them. Seeing how effective they were when working together sparked the idea of an organisation dedicated to helping everyone. Years later there was an attempt at creating an act that would force anyone with abilities to register themselves, and possibly have their actions monitored and controlled, by multiple nations governments. This prompted the ten named above to rally together support to stop this violation of people’s freedoms as well as showed them that there are many with powers that needed help too. They revealed that they were creating an organisation and that it was immoral and unethical to turn innocent people into weapons.

The EarthGuard was created to help find, teach and aid those how have powers or abilities as well as to help co-ordinate its members and other rescue and law enforcement personnel to crisis events across the globe.

They have official offices that act as deployment bases in most major cities all over the world, as well as their orbiting Sentinel Station.


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