Here is a list of the major events that helps shape the main differences between this world and ours:

Pre World War 2
Heroes & villains exist as nothing more the stories, myths or urban legends. However there has been evidence that some of these may in fact be true.
During the 1800’s, unusually advanced technology (steam punk) appears, but too expensive or created in unique circumstances to be widely released.

World War 2
Uniquely skilled fighters don costumes and code names to fight axis powers to inspire others while protecting their loved ones.
Enemy either creates or hires powered fighters. Allies do the same. Super-heroes appear
Axis powers lose, many powered enemies escape capture.

Post WW2
World seems weary of heroes, until they and their allies use their knowledge to help people, using skills and knowledge created or acquired during the war to advance society.

OverWatch was Founded.

The Artoz Collective Begin a global invasion of Earth. Many heroes banded together to fight against them. This joint effect began the first stage in the creation of the EarthGuard.

Numerous nations attempted to create a superhuman registration act it was stopped by the combined effect of heroes and various allied organisations.

EarthGuard was formed.

Ascension Enterprises releases the first clean fusion reactor and Evo-Battery. These new high capacity, clean portable power sources revolutionise many technological industries.

Extinction, the personification of entropy, after convincing a number of villains to join it, attacks Earth as it is one of the galaxy’s key ‘life points’ in order to wipe out all life. The EarthGuard, OverWatch and some unlikely allies join forces in order to stop it.


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