Hunters Opportunity Campaign

“You have been hired to do a job. Do well and you will be paid more than generously, not to mention prove your competence for future jobs. Cross me, betray me, and most importantly, fail me, and no hole deep enough will hide you or power strong enough will protect you from me!”

Campaign for 4-5 players, using Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, with some tweaking.
Starting at Power Level 8, you can play pretty much any comic book concept out there, aliens, high-tech, magic, mutants, meta-humans, mask vigilantes, no real limits as long as it’s not too ridiculous.

For this campaign I’m looking for more mercenary type characters, from light to morally grey but please no out right evil villain types.

This Campaign is run in a world of my own creation. I was heavily influenced by the likes of Marvel, DC, Image & Dark Horse when creating it. However it does not have the oppressive and often confusing decades worth of history, twists and strange continuity. Not to mention the Hundreds of characters each universe contains.

Hunters Opportunity Campaign

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