Power Types

When creating a character, I’ve generalised the types of powers and abilities they have into these descriptors. Characters can use multiple types as they are used to help explain the source of the power or where a characters strength and abilities come from.

The types are Biological, Cosmic, Magic, Meta Human, Mutant, Skill and Technological.

This means the characters powers/abilities are native to its race and it is normal to have them.
Popular examples are Superman (Kryptionian) and Wonder Woman (Amazonian).

These are powers that come from the universe itself, usually from a god or divine/demonc being, or by being the personification of an aspect like justice, vengeance or Nature.
Popular examples are Thor (God), Darkseid (God) and Galactus.

Magic can be anything to inborn abilities, powerful artefacts or simply casting spells.
Popular examples are Dr Strange, Zatanna and Dr Fate.

Metas are people who have gained a power or ability from an outside source that has become part of them. This can be a mutagen, radiation or energy wave.
Popular examples are Spiderman (radioactive spider bite), Fantastic Four (cosmic energy) and the Flash (lightning plus chemicals).

These are people who are born with a power or ability that is not native to its race. Unlike in other fictional universes, “mutants”, as they are termed, are not the product of evolution. Their mutation comes from an ancestor who was a Meta-Human.

These are anyone who has been trained in something to the point that they are almost unrivalled in their field, be it science, martial arts, detective work, or weapons use.
Popular examples are Batman (various fields), Tony Stark (Science, Engineering) and Hawkeye (Archery).

This means that someone is mostly reliant on a piece of technology, either gadgets, cybernetic implants, power armour or alien tech. This does not mean they understand, recreate or even repair it, just that they know how to use it.
Popular examples are Cyborg (Man/Machine Hybrid), Green Lantern (Alien Technology) and War Machine (Power Armour).

Power Types

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