The Artoz Collective

The Artoz Collective is an inorganic, hive minded machine race that travels the galaxy. It goes from planet to planet, absorbing any resources, information and technology it can, regardless of any native inhabitants.

The collective is comprised of various, purpose built drones and bodies, all control by a singular intelligence. These machines range from humanoid in shape, (two arms, two legs and standing upright), to a more insectoid form. They also seem to vary in composition as most are made from separate mechanical parts fixed together, but some seem to be made of liquid or malleable metal.

In 1983 the Artoz Collective entered the Solar System and headed to Earth. Earlier attempts to communicate with them fail and when they enter into high orbit global communication was shut down.

Ships descended to most of the world’s major cities and attempts to stop them were easily rebuffed. Combat drones were released and quickly disabled any nearby military forces and subdued the population.

Local heroes fought against them and saved many lives however they quickly lost ground to the overwhelming numbers of the collective.
A united force of the world’s strongest heroes, led by High Guard and Platinum Epoch, began a counter attack that forced the main control core of the collective to retreat and destroyed many of its forces.

This event brought many of the world’s governments together in discussion about the planets defences. It was what eventually lead to the formation of the EarthGuard.

The Artoz Collective

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