These Campaigns are run in a world of my own creation. I was heavily influenced by the likes of Marvel, DC, Image & Dark Horse when creating it. However it does not have the oppressive and often confusing decades worth of history, twists and strange continuity. Not to mention the Hundreds of characters, each universe contains.

The world I’m using is basically made by me but heavily borrowed from other popular comic universes such as DC and Marvel. Like them magic, mutants, aliens, gods, legendary figures and heroes existed. In my world “super-heroes” started popping up about mid-way through WW2, however during the 50’s and late 40’s rather than having all of that knowledge and advanced technology horded by heroes and shadowy organizations, it was made open and available to everyone. This resulted in advancement in nearly all fields and made the public more excepting of heroes.
As such technology is about 10-20 years more advanced, with clean energy available, computers fast and more powerful and medical science more developed.

I should also point out I am terrible at naming things.

For more information about the world setting, please go the the Wiki here.

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